5 yoga asanas that help reduce belly fat


Practising yoga on a regular basis is hands down one of the best ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is beneficial for your overall well-being and can help you gain strength, improve flexibility, manage stress and tone your body as well. If you are trying to reduce belly fat, try yoga to shed those extra inches.


Nauka’ means boat and ‘asana’, as you may already know, means posture. In this asana, your body takes the shape of a boat. It is one of the most effective asanas that help reduce belly fat. It engages the body from the neck to the thighs. This asana also helps strengthen your core muscles, improves blood circulation and aids in digestion.


Also called the Cobra stretch, Bhujangasana is another great asana that helps you shed that extra belly fat. It is a back-bending asana that also targets the abdominal region. It is useful to keep your back strong and is also known to improve blood circulation and flexibility.


Another yoga pose you can swear by to reduce belly fat is Kumbhakasana. It is also called the plank pose. Performing this asana on a regular basis aids weight loss, reduces back pain, strengthens core muscles and improves body balance and flexibility.


Ustrasana is also called the camel pose. It is quite difficult to perform and should only be practised by people who do not suffer from any back or spine-related issues. Apart from helping you get rid of stubborn belly fat, it is known to strengthen back muscles and improve flexibility and posture.


Also called the bow pose, Dhanurasana is also among the many yoga asanas that help reduce belly fat faster. It is also a back-bending asana that targets the abdominal muscles and strengthens the spine. It is also known to reduce stress and anxiety. It is not an easy asana to perform and hence needs regular practise to be performed properly.

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